I quit my job.

Then I moved to Japan to be a ninja...

What's your dream?

At the age of 26 I was a Middle School Science and History teacher.

It was my 4th year in the classroom, in the midst of a getting a Masters Degree.

Soon, I'd be running my own school.

All before I was 30.

One problem...

I wasn't happy.

So I stepped back, reflected, and gave the mind the freedom to wander.

An insight came:

I want to follow my childhood dream: to become a ninja.

2 years later, I moved to Japan in search of what felt like destiny.

Does your heart desire adventure?

Does your soul ever talk to you?

Your caught in traffic, your burnt out at work, you can't stop rushing... and yet sometimes you hear that voice:

"There must be more."

Well, what if it turns out there is more...

If you'd like to live your 'more' then drop your name and email below.