17 Absurd Cartoons That Will Inspire, Disturb and (or) Make You Laugh.

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1. Instead of “Saving all starving children in a country 5,000 miles away”… be nice to your neighbor. [Click to Tweet]


2. Human beings are funny. Laugh :). [Click to Tweet]

3. Your dream is awesome… Like REALLY awesome! [Click to Tweet]

4. If you want your life to change then you must change. [Click to Tweet]

5. If you spend your time doing things that make you stupid – You become stupid… [Click to Tweet]

6. Trying to do too many things at one time is not a good thing. [Click to Tweet]

7. If you want to be average just do what everyone else does. [Click to Tweet]


8. If someone says you can’t follow your dream… kick them in the nuts! [Click to Tweet]

9. When all else fails, try the truth. [Click to Tweet]

10. If you want to make it happen you got to take that leap. [Click to Tweet]


11. Embrace your weird. [Click to Tweet]

12. If you want to change your outer world, you must change your inner world. [Click to Tweet]

13. Wanting money and health doesn’t make you greedy. It means you want to live a good life. [Click to Tweet]

14. Budgets are better than sliced bread. [Click to Tweet]

15. I never fail, I just learn what doesn’t work. [Click to Tweet]

16. Fat ninja’s don’t exist. [Click to Tweet]


17. Is there a 3rd path? [Click to Tweet]

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