61 Things That Make Life Awesome

For reasons completely beyond me, the holidays tend to be an emotional time one way or the other.

Some people love them, others despise it.

In honor of the strange foray of emotions holidays tend to bring I decided to change it up a little :).

Below is a free flowing stream of conscious about “What Makes Life Awesome”.

I just kept writing until my mind went blank.

61 Things That Make Life Super Awesome! 

  1. Wheat bread
  2. Improving every day
  3. Exercise
  4. Books
  5. Vegetables
  6. Great customer service
  7. Nice people
  8. My parents – Ron-a-owa and Torti (Those are their knicknames)
  9. My brother – Elibear
  10. My sisters – Mari and Xochil
  11. Friends
  12. The internet
  13. Skype
  14. Watching sports with my mom
  15. Goals
  16. Smoothies
  17. Starbucks feta egg white wraps
  18. French press coffee
  19. Interesting people
  20. Motivational audio
  21. Really cool socks
  22. Language
  23. Butterflies (the animal )
  24. Butterflies (the feeling)
  25. Laughter
  26. The eyes of an engaged human
  27. Peanut butter
  28. Martial arts
  29. Avocado
  30. Making people smile
  31. Kisses
  32. Falling in love
  33. Music
  34. Morning rituals
  35. Dogs that sleep on my feet
  36. Burritos
  37. Feeling loved
  38. Understanding a few words in a new language for the first time
  39. Writing a blog post that people love
  40. Being inspired
  41. Inspiring someone else
  42. The feeling of holding a new book in my hands
  43. Completing a huge historical fiction novel
  44. Dancing like no one is watching. 
  45. Laughing at myself
  46. Brown Rice 
  47. Free coffee refills
  48. Fresh apples
  49. A great country music song
  50. Deodorant (I hate bad body odor!)
  51. Passion
  52. Love
  53. Nature
  54. Children
  55. Honesty
  56. Integrity
  57. Humor
  58. Courage
  59. The sound of rain 
  60. Sleeping 8 hours
  61. Watching puppies trying to climb stairs

What’s on Your List?

Though it seems very simple this exercise is very powerful.

By doing this it will immediately put you in a positive frame of mind. No matter where you are on the spectrum (love the holidays or want to punch it in the face) this exercise will put you in a better mood.

Take a pencil or pen and just start writing “what makes your life awesome.” Just keep going until you feel like stopping. Then reread that list. It’s powerful!

For the comments:

What’s on your list?