Are You Living A Lie?

About 3 years ago

“When all else fails try the truth…”

I sat there on the phone, silent for a moment.

He repeated the words.

“When all else fails, try the truth…”

What a profound concept.

…Try the truth.

My father has a special gift that allows his words to echo through my mind years after he said them.

The Truth

What is the truth?

 What an odd thing to say.

Doesn’t everyone know the truth? Isn’t this obvious?

What if it’s not?

What if the truth is always evading us, always hiding?

The Lie is Always present

We must admit to ourselves that we are always capable of buying into the lie.

What is the lie?

The lie is complex, manipulative, tempting.

Your lie is my truth.

My truth is your lie.

4 years ago I thought I wanted to be a principal, run my own school, change the education system… It was a lie.

Yes, it was a dream – but it wasn’t my dream, it was someone else’s dream.

Do you want to be a doctor… Or do your parents want you to be a doctor?

Are you buying into the lie?

Do you continue to talk about the book you will “someday” write… Yet you haven’t written the first page.

What if the lie cloaks himself in disguise of the truth?

At every turn we face temptation and dangers to buy into the lie.

“I just need more money” “Everybody hates their job” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “I deserve a break.” “I’ll start my diet next week.” “I can’t afford it.” “I am too young” “I am too old”

Are you lying to yourself?

Living a Lie instead of a Dream

The Truth

The truth is always evading us. But why? Why is this truth so difficult to discover?

I am not arrogant enough to claim to have the answer. But I do have a thought.

Maybe, possibly, it is because we do not know the truth.

Everyday we claim to know what we want, yet we have no clue what we actually want… We are living a lie.

How scary is that?

Take a breath, and come with me.

The truth is not a destination, but rather a journey.

The problem lies in our constant search for the concrete unquestionable definitive answer…

What if it doesn’t exist?

What if the truth is a path, a journey, an exploration?

Not a conquest.

The further along the journey we go, the more we realize we do not know.

Is that wrong? Horrible? Injustice?

No. It’s not.

There is beauty in ambiguity… Isn’t there?

With ambiguity comes possibility, surprise, and opportunity.

Ambiguity makes everyday exciting… If we embrace it.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to embrace.

“How can I pay my bills?” “Where will I find a job?” “Will I ever get married?” “What will make me happy?”

I cannot tell you to embrace ambiguity. That statement alone would show an arrogance and disrespect for the journey.

The ability to embrace ambiguity is a consequence of a process.

The lies concern me.

Embracing ambiguity will not be discovered in a 5 step formula, a 700 word blog post, or even a 200 page book…

Yes those may help, but more is required.

You must take the risk, step into life, give experience its proper respect.

What if the truth isn’t meant to be discovered? 

What if the truth can never be discovered?

What if the truth is the journey and not the destination?


Am I Crazy?

Does all of this sound vague, weird, unclear?

I hope so.

If it makes 100 percent sense I have done an incredible injustice to the truth.

I humbly admit I cannot fully grasp the truth.

Maybe it is because there is no “the truth”. It is ever changing, always growing, always moving.

Each of our truths is unique, vague, and incredibly complex.

Sometimes becoming more clear, other times appearing distant and beyond reach.

It extends far beyond any words… At least beyond my words.

It is something inside of our hearts, our soul, our being.

What if the purpose of life is not to discover the mystery, but to embrace the mystery?

Are you embracing the beauty in the mystery?


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