The Incredibly Simple Difference Between Those Who Live a Dream And Those Who Don’t

I step into the dojo.

My mind lightens, my heart softens.

They teach – I do.

It’s so simple… And it’s the difference.

Listen, Learn, Adjust.

I want to become an expert in Aikido.

So, I train extensively.

If I want to improve my Aikido I should do things that will improve my Aikido.

Makes sense, right?

Actions Are Your Evidence, Not Your Words

Do you really want to follow your dreams?

It’s simple – identify the 1 thing you want to be insanely awesome at then focus on growth everyday.

Do you want to run a business? Write a book? Travel the world?

It doesn’t matter what you want to do – all that matters is that you’re moving towards it. [click to tweet]

Talk means nothing. 

The Dumbest Excuse in All The Universe

I want to kick the following excuse in the nuts!

“But what if I fail”

I’m talking about a straight up destruction of the nuts!

What if I told you “I want to give my life to Aikido but I refuse to try it because I might fail.”

Sounds crazy, right?

Then why is it okay when someone says

“I want nothing more than to live my dream but I refuse to try because I might fail…”

You say you want to live your dream – what did you do today to move towards it? [click to tweet]

Prove It

Do you really want to live your dream?

Don’t stare at the screen and tell me “yes” while doing nothing.

The day is now, the moment is here.

You can’t hide from it – Either you follow it or not.

It’s not complicated. It’s simple.

Identify what you want – then do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

Don’t just dream it. Live it. 


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