3 Actions You Can Take To Eliminate Worry

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Video Outline

0:30- The mindset that allows you to stop worrying 1:05 – Action 1 to Eliminate future worry 1:35 – Action 2 to eliminate worry 2:20 – Action 3 to eliminate worry

To get the most out of the video above do the following: 

1. Watch the Video 2 times. 2. The First time just listen to it. Pay attention to see what resonates. 3. The second time pull out a paper, pencil and write down any key points that can help you. 4. Choose one thing from the video and take action!


3 Thoughts on Eliminating Worry

The biggest waste of energy is worrying about that which you cannot control [Click to tweet].

unnecessary worry- Follow your dreams -

The gap between where you want to be and where you are isn’t magic- it’s knowledge and action. [Click to tweet].

Easier Said Than Done- Follow your dreams

You cannot reach step 2 without taking step 1. [Click to tweet]

How to get to step 2


 For the comments:

What actions will you take to eliminate worry from your life?


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For the comments:

What actions will you take to eliminate worry from your life?